How to protect our health from cell phone and wifi signals?

In this insightful podcast episode, Esra Çavuşoğlu, the host, delves into the complex topic of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation and its implications for human health, with a particular focus on strategies for mitigating its negative effects.

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In this Episode of Ayık Kafa

On Ayık Kafa podcast “How to protect our health from cell phone and wifi signals?” features Hagen Thiers as a guest, an individual well-regarded in the field of EMF radiation protection. Waveguard, created and developed by Thiers, an expert in the field of protection of EMF radiation, and which helps to minimize the harmful effects of EMF radiation, is a certified device! Waveguard by Hagen Thiers, received the Technology of The Year award 2022 from the Association of European Inventors. Waveguard has conducted more than 25 studies on radiation protection, surpassing any other organization worldwide. These studies, conducted in collaboration with esteemed technical institutions and universities, instill confidence in users that Waveguard’s devices offer effective relief.

00:00 – 02:11 Introduction to EMF and Health Concerns
02:11 – 03:32 Introduction to Guest and EMF Protection
03:32 – 05:57 EMF Radiation Concerns and Protection Measures
05:57 – 07:39 Understanding EMF and Its Sources
07:39 – 09:13 The Risks of Modern Gadgets and EMF Exposure
09:13 – 11:11 Historical Perspective on EMF and Health Risks
11:11 – 13:43 Regulatory Challenges and Device Safety
13:43 – 16:04 Personal Experiences with EMF Sensitivity
16:04 – 18:17 Mitigating EMF Exposure at Home
18:17 – 24:03 Introduction to Waveguard Technology
24:03 – 46:11 Practical Advice for EMF Protection
46:11 – 46:40 Conclusion

Hagen Thiers

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