Is Addiction a Disease?

Welcome to Ayık Kafa! In this video titled as “Is Addiction a Disease?”, Dr. Esra Çavuşoğlu together with Arkın Çelik will talk about the purpose of establishing Longevilab and Ayık Kafa publications. Dr. Çavuşoğlu will also share with you the details of being able to continue her life soberly, free from addiction for 17 years

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In this Episode of Ayık Kafa

“Is Addiction a Disease?” video, you will find brief information about the content of the topics included in the website, which consists of four main sections: Longevity, Biohacking, Addiction, Wellness

“Addiction is a disease, but it is treatable.”

– Dr. Esra Çavuşoğlu

00:00 – 00:18 First Episode of Ayık Kafa Intro
00:19 – 00:48 Ayık Kafa Intro
00:48 – 01:09 Introduction
01:09 – 02:02 Dr. Why Did Esra Çavuşoğlu Start the Sober Head Project?
02:02 – 01:33 About Longevilab.
01:33 – 07:11 How Dr. Esra Çavuşoğlu’s Struggle with Addiction Began?
07:11 – 08:08 Addiction is a Disease!
08:08 – 13:19 Will You Become an Alcoholic If You Drink Too Much? Genetic, psychological and peer pressure in addiction.
13:19 – 17:49 How to Diagnose Addiction Disease? Addiction isn’t Black or White!
17:49 – 19:18 Difference Between Rich and Poor in Treatment! Is Money a Disadvantage?
19:18 – 20:38 Why Do We Do This Podcast?
20:38 – 23:19 Why Is There No New Rehabilitation Center in Turkey? Treatment and Rehabilitation are the Same!
23:19 – 25:44 What is the Rehabilitation Period?
25:44 – 31:04 Let’s Talk About Rehabilitation Centers!
31:04 – 32:52 Living Life with a Certain Protocol! Commonly Known Mistakes!
32:52 – 34:14 There is no cure: Knowing that one is sick and reminding oneself of daily protocols is the real cure!
34:14 – 35:48 It’s Important Not to Be Alone! The Greatest Power Provided by Ayık Kafa; To inform.

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