Unlocking Glutathione: Your Body’s super antioxidant

In the program featuring Pharmacist Dr. Nayan Patel, who has been conducting clinical studies in California for over 27 years, the widespread use of glutathione worldwide and the various forms in which people use glutathione are discussed.

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In this Episode of Ayık Kafa

The program addresses how glutathione is delivered in the most accurate and direct way, the differences between IV glutathione (intravenous glutathione) and topical (directly applied to the skin) versions, and why topical application is more effective. The two main functions of glutathione in the body, neutralizing reactive oxygen species and detoxification, are among the other topics discussed.

00:00 – 00:56 Introduction
00:56 – 03:15 Global popularity of glutathione.
03:15 – 05:07 Dr. Nayan Patel’s journey to focusing on glutathione.
05:07 – 06:18 Comparison of intravenous and topical glutathione.
06:18 – 07:57 Understanding glutathione’s functions.
07:57 – 11:18 Production and decline of Glutathione with Age.
11:18 – 13:59 Relationship between gene mutations and glutathione production.
13:59 – 17:15 The inefficiency of glutathione IVs.
17:15 – 21:08 Topical glutathione: technology and benefits.
21:08 – 41:06 Glutathione in Skincare and Future Innovations.
41:06 – 42:39 Conclusion

Dr. Nayan Patel
Instagram: @aurowellness

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