What does quantum physics suggest for health, abundance and prosperity?

Many of you are already familiar with my special guest this week, who is an actress and has millions of followers on social media: Holistic Transformation and Quantum Manifestation Coach Ayşe Tolga.

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In this Episode of Ayık Kafa

Ayşe explains how the idea that “the foundation of everything in the universe is universal life energy,” rooted in ancient Indian and Taoist philosophies, has also entered the radar of deterministic modern Western science.

00:00-03:41 Introduction
03:41-09:42 Detection of the effect of meditative practices on the brain using QEEG.
09:42-16:40 The scientific reality behind the positive effects of yoga.
16:40-23:55 What is Quantum Physics?
23:55-27:21 The mind is actually a machine.
27:21-31:17 Where does the 21-day rule come from?
31:17-33:47 The concept that there is no future or past; only the ‘now’ matters.
33:47-35:10 Is there actually no such thing as disease?
35:10-49:26 Importance of proper breathing
49:26-50:54 Conclusion

Ayşe Tolga
Web site:
Instagram: @aysetolga

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