Why does our skin age?

In this episode of Ayık Kafa Esra Çavuşoğlu’s guest is Amitay Eshel, co-founder and CEO of Young Goose brand.

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In this Episode of Ayık Kafa

In the podcast titled “Why Does Our Skin Age?”, the importance of both internal and external interventions in skincare is emphasized. Amitay discusses the changes in the skin both before and after menopause, highlighting that with hormonal changes, the body’s priorities shift, and instead of renewing the skin, it begins to use the skin as a protective barrier. He points out that among the factors that age our skin, constant exposure to artificial light such as ultraviolet rays, phone screens, and computer screens is prominent.

00:00 – 01:53 Introduction
01:53 – 05:17 Who is a Biohacker? What is Biohacking?
05:17 – 13:21 How does skin work? What are the changes that occur before and after menopause?
13:21 – 19:19 What are the external conditions that affect our skin poorly and how can we protect it?
19:19 – 22:18 Daily skincare routine suggestions
22:18 – 25:38 How do Young Goose products work on skin?
25:38 – 32:04 The key important elements to be mindful of when invasive treatments are done on skin.
32:04 – 34:35 Conclusion

Amitay Eshel

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