Block Blue Light Glasses

Block Blue Light to improve sleep, eliminate eye strain & maintain optimal health.

BlockBlueLight has extensively researched and developed a wide range of different lens colours that have been optimised to be the most effective for different applications and situations. Unlike most other blue light glasses available, they have developed superior lens technology by infusing their lenses with proprietary light filtering pigments that are produced in an optical lab to ensure superior clarity and blue blocking properties.

To be used during the daytime when exposed to artificial light coming from screens & lighting. Filters blue light by 50% across the entire blue light spectrum

To be used during the daytime for maximum protection against headaches, migraines, & eye damage. Filters blue light by 70% across the entire blue light spectrum

To be used at night-time to increase melatonin levels, lower stress levels, and improve sleep quality. Blocks 100% of blue light from 400nm to 500nm

To be used at night-time for the most optimal glasses available for increasing melatonin & optimising sleep. Blocks 100% of blue AND green light from 400nm-550nm

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