Danger of marijuana on adolescent brain

The guest of the 10th episode of Ayık Kafa podcast is Addiction Psychiatrist Dr. Marc J. Fishman. Dr. Fishman works in three different fields: As a faculty member in the Psychiatry Department of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, as the clinical director of Maryland Treatment Centers, and as a deputy editor for the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM).

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In this Episode of Ayık Kafa

In the podcast titled “Danger of marijuana on Adolescent brain”, Dr. Fishman, who specializes particularly in adolescent addiction, emphasizes that marijuana use is a topic that requires attention as much as alcohol or other drugs. He mentions that the biggest misconception is the perception that marijuana use is less harmful. Dr. Fishman, “Marijuana use is perceived as not a big deal, yet this is a significant problem especially for young people -and of course, adults,” and emphasizes that the risk of addiction in adolescents is much higher than in adults. He also highlights that while the rate of experiencing problems related to marijuana use in adults is 20%, this rate doubles or even triples in adolescents.

00:00 – 02:25 Introduction.
02:25 – 11:15 The myths and the truths about cannabis use.
11:15 – 15:31 The harm of cannabis use on brain development in adolescents.
15:31 – 17:50 The increased proportion of cannabis addiction.
17:50 – 19:55 The effect of cannabis use on psychology in adolescents.
19:55 – 25:09 The effect of increased potency in cannabis on health.
25:09 – 31:39 The connection between cannabis use and psychiatric disorders.
31:39 – 43:14 Suggestions for parents and caregivers on how to approach their kids with cannabis use disorder and what to look for in the behaviours.
43:14 – 45:41 Conclusion.

Dr. Marc J. Fishman

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