How to exercise correctly?

Prof. Dr. Tolga Aydoğ, works as at Acıbadem Health Group, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine. He also holds a C-level 3rd-degree basketball coaching certificate. One of the most important topics emphasized by Prof. Dr. Aydoğ in the video is the importance of balanced training and being active in daily life.

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In this Episode of Ayık Kafa

Prof. Dr. Aydoğ emphasizes that most injuries are caused by imbalanced training. Stressing the importance of a regular training routine, he points out that increasing the tempo or intensity of training suddenly is not correct. Instead, he highlights that it is best to gradually increase the training according to all personal data such as age and weight. 

00:00 – 05:30 Introduction
05:30 – 06:34 The reasons why professional athletes have very high motivation. 6:34-8:48 What is the role of a sports physician?
08:48 – 15:24 Why does the World Health Organization recommend balance exercise for people over the age of 65?
15:24 – 21:37 The dietary regimen of athletes.
21:37 – 29:02 The importance of muscle structure and gradually increasing exercise.
29:02 – 37:17 Recommendations for being able to take care of oneself at the age of 70.
37:17 – 43:39 Bone density measurement and decreased bone density during menopause.
43:39 – 59:24 Three exercises recommended for healthy aging.
59:24 – 01:05 Conclusion.

Prof. Dr. Tolga Aydoğ

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