How to protect ourselves from the dangers of artificial light?

Today, I am blessed to have Roudy Nassif here with me. Roudy is fully dedicated to researching and developing innovations to help humanity achieve greater well-being on the planet. Roudy happily fills his role in VivaRays as the research and development manager, capturing the great intelligence of nature and manifesting it in our lives.

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In this Episode of Ayık Kafa

In this episode, Roudy dives into the impact of light on human biology, stressing its role in regulating our endocrine system, circadian rhythm, and nervous system. He warns against the effects of artificial light exposure on hormonal balance and health. Embracing natural morning light is encouraged for its ability to trigger hormone production and influence circadian rhythms. Roudy highlights the benefits of grounding to mitigate inflammation.

00:00-04:04 Introduction
04:04-11:43 Roudy’s personal story
11:43-17:40 Mechanism of light on biological systems
17:40-24:10 Light management and its benefits on the body
24:10-30:52 How do sunglasses block the benefits of the sun?
30:52-33:05 Dangers of artificial light when exposed in nighttime
33:05-33:29 What are the effects of dopamine deficiency caused by artificial light?
33:29-45:19 The minimum time recommended to spend outdoors.
45:19-48:29 Benefits of blue light blocking glasses produced for both adults and children.
48:29-48:43 Conclusion

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