Is Aging a Disease?

In this episode of Ayık Kafa podcast, Dr, Esra Çavuşoğlu’s guest is Dr. İrem Ergün, the Head of the Functional Medicine Department at American Hospital.

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In this Episode of Ayık Kafa

Dr. Ergün, who comprehensively discusses functional medicine treatments approach, also discusses the questionable aspects of this new field compared to the deep-rooted traditional medical history.

00:00 – 01:45 Introduction
01:45 – 05:00 How did Dr. İrem Ergün got involved in the world of Functional Medicine?
05:00 – 06:53 Dr. Esra Çavuşoğlu is questioning of Dr. İrem Ergün’s approach to functional medicine
06:53 – 13:27 Aging is a disease.
13:27 – 16:17 If we can integrate the 6 systems and 5 lifestyles, we will be fine!
16:17 – 18:30 Chasing too many eccentric foods is wrong.
18:30 – 21:50 Why is it important to get a microbiota test?
21:50 – 27:41 The healthiest eating pattern is the Mediterranean diet.
27:41 – 31:30 In functional medicine, we focus on the cause-effect relationship.
31:30 – 32:40 The root cause is always based on childhood traumas.
32:40 – 34:40 The overarching philosophy of Blue Zones is simplification.
34:40 – 39:55 What are the coast-effective  biohacking and stress reduction?
39:55 – 40:14 Conclusion

Dr. İrem Ergün
Instagram: @dr.iremergun

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