Joovv Red Light Therapy

Energy is essential for life and drives all activity in nature. In the human body energy allows our neurons to fire. Our muscles to contract and our immune system to fight disease.

To produce energy the cells in our body use structures called mitochondria, which are powerful generators that convert the food we eat into energy our cells can use all of this activity within ourselves results in trillions of reactions every second and helps us achieve homeostasis.

Decades of research across thousands of peer-reviewed articles overwhelmingly indicate that specific wavelengths of light have a positive effect on the human body. Red and near infrared light have been shown to increase the bodies ability to produce energy and reduce damage caused by oxidative stress.

These forms of light have also been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects, which can improve how we live and feel. Joovv has isolated these essential wavelengths and made them accessible for daily use.

This technology delivers the healing power of light to promote balance cellular function, optimize performance, recovery and better overall health and wellness.

Power, Balance, Light.

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