NanoVi Eng3 Cellular Repair

Regardless of whether you wish to boost performance, maintain your wellness, or accelerate recovery from a health challenge, improving protein functions will be a cornerstone of your success. NanoVi technology leverages advances in biophysics and water science in a way that supports all protein functions without overriding your body’s natural wisdom.

The Problem: Oxidative Stress Damages Proteins
Proteins do all the work in your body, including the important job of repairing damage. Unfortunately, ongoing damage is unavoidable. Sometimes even simply breathing may cause oxidative damage and some lifestyle choices make it even worse. When proteins are damaged, they lose their function. We recognize this as lower performance, less vitality, aging, and in the worst-case chronic illness.

The Solution: Protect Proteins and Accelerate Repair
Before proteins can do all their work, it is necessary for them to fold into precise 3D shapes. For this to happen, the water surrounding proteins must have specific properties. NanoVi influences water surrounding proteins in a way that helps them fold so they can function. Improvements are measurable. NanoVi is a unique, scientifically backed protein folding therapy.

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