NeuroVizr Neuroplasticity Device

The NeuroVizr stands out as a wearable, portable device leveraging light and sound to induce altered states of consciousness, enhancing brain activity through its innovative multi-sensory technology.

Unlike conventional brain entrainment devices, past and present, which typically rely on goggles or eyeglass frames, the NeuroVizr features a unique design. Its LED panel emits three simultaneous dimensions of light messaging, creating a captivating and potent experience. This design is meticulously crafted to meet specific optometric parameters necessary for effective application of what’s termed as MACRO stimulation patterns and LED light signaling movements. Essentially, these parameters ensure alignment with the average human visual field and provide a standard binocular vision spectrum, akin to those seen in Virtual Reality devices. These MACRO LED signals and movements have been shown to impact the autonomic nervous system, influencing either sympathetic excitation or parasympathetic sedation, as well as various cognitive functions such as memory, and visual/auditory imagination.

The NeuroVizr distinguishes itself as a catalyst for change, designed to engage and stimulate the brain’s natural adaptive neural capacities, fostering positive neuroplastic changes.

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