New Approaches on Aesthetics: Technology and Naturality

Dr. Cansen Yeni Kut is the guest of this episode. She is a medical doctor with a doctorate in psychology and stem cells.

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In this Episode of Ayık Kafa

In this program the following topics are discussed: The reflection of aesthetic understanding on physical perception and its transformation into aesthetic violence, especially encountered in social media and daily life. An aesthetic approach that keeps the natural appearance and follows the latest technological developments, instead of people appearing alike. Aging is considered as a disease. Treatment methods for the negative effects on the body that are caused by epigenetics. The importance of personalized treatment after examining the person's own DNA, biochemistry and epigenetics How skin microbiota is disrupted and how to treat it The relationship between Longevity and stem cell therapy How to achieve a younger appearance by using fibroblasts which are the cells that produce collagen. Negative effects of some aesthetic procedures such as bichectomy at a young age on the storage of stem cells. The importance of stem cell therapy according to age Treatment plans applied by Dr. Cansen Yeni Kut to her patients Different treatment approaches towards open wounds caused by major accidents such as burns.

00:00-3:20 Introduction
3:20-7:42 What is aesthetic abuse?
7:42-11:42 Aging is a disease.
11:42-24:30 Benefits of exosomes, fibroplasts and stem cells in science and medicine
24:30-28:00 Differences in the metabolism of men and women
28:00-32:40 Variety of Stem cell therapies according to age
32:40-41:25 Dr Yeni Kut’s personalized medical treatment plans for her patients
41:25-48:20 Cell treatments for major accident consequences.
48:20-51:31 Things to avoid
51:31-53:51 Conclusion

Dr. Cansen Yeni Kut
Web site:
Instagram: @cansenyeniofficial

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