Rebirth with yoga and breathing

In this podcast, Dr. Esra Çavuşoğlu and her guest, Zeyneb Uras, who worked as a businessperson in corporate life for many years and now continues her life as a Yoga instructor-Author-Publisher.

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In this Episode of Ayık Kafa

In the video, Zeyneb Uras and Dr. Esra Çavuşoğlu emphasize the importance of humility and heartfelt emotions. Uras mentions that her students see her as one of themselves during yoga practices. Similarly, Çavuşoğlu shares that during addiction therapies, while relying on science, she also shares her own experiences from the deepest part of her heart, which she finds to be very effectively conveyed to the other party.

00:00 – 04:29 Introduction
04:29 – 07:37 The implications of being in a constant state of transformation.
07:37 – 17:22 The concept of “yoga within life.”
17:22 – 22:50 The importance of balancing our earthly and existential selves, and humility.
22:50 – 30:40 Why the things we experience are actually “reminders.”
30:40 – 34:54 The thin line between life and death.
34:54 – 37:15 The web of prayer and the power of prayer.
37:15 – 39:35 How did Uras learn not to make plans or set goals?
39:35 – 46:32 The journey of starting to write books and YouTube broadcasts.
46:32 – 48:41 Conclusion

Zeyneb Uras
Instagram: @zeyneburas

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