The art of healthy and longevity eating

The podcast introduces Author and Holistic Nutrition and Functional Medicine Health Coach Aslıhan Gözdem Kaya’s expertise on holistic nutrition and her approaches in this field.

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In this Episode of Ayık Kafa

The program focuses on the direct relationship between the shelf life of foods and human health. It is emphasized that the preservatives and chemicals contained in packaged foods with a long shelf life may have long-term negative effects on health. The harms of microplastics found in such foods to human health are also discussed.

00:00 – 03:18 – Introduction
03:18 – 06:00 – Who is Aslıhan Gözdem Kaya?
06:00 – 11:42 – ‘The longer the shelf life, the shorter yours’ philosophy in packaged foods. The effects of microplastics and mold on human health.
11:42 – 13:53 – Things to consider when purchasing and storing packaged foods.
13:53 – 17:10 – How to protect ourself from moldy food?
17:10 – 19:52 – The difference between frozen vegetables and fresh vegetables bought from the market…
19:52 – 21:21 – The environments where mold, entering the body through inhalation, thrives.
21:21 – 31:50 – Common misconceptions about sugar.
31:50 – 45:05 – Obtaining protein sources correctly and healthily.
45:05 – 48:47 – The production categories that need to be known in agriculture and animal husbandry.
48:47 – 52:12 – Consultancy details with Aslıhan Gözdem Kaya.
52:12 – 53:19 – Conclusion

Aslıhan Gözdem Kaya
Instagram: @dengedehayat

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