The Importance of Oral and Dental Health

Dr. Sandra Garcia Martin is an experienced dentist based in London. Specializing in all areas of dentistry, Dr. Martin is passionate about creating beautiful smiles using cutting-edge cosmetic dentistry techniques. Dr. Martin obtained her dental degree from the University of Barcelona and completed her academic career at New York University (NYU). She has also worked for a period in the United States and China.

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In this Episode of Ayık Kafa

The video discusses various aspects of oral health, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a clean mouth to prevent various health issues. It covers topics such as the the structure of the teeth, daily oral care routines, the impact of diet on oral health, the role of fluoride, benefits of oil pulling technique for oral hygiene, the importance of not swallowing oral care products, the relationship between oral health and overall health, and the significance of dental hygiene in underserved communities.

00:00 – 02:27 – Introduction
02:27 – 03:29 – The importance of oral and dental health.
03:29 – 04:32 – The ideal daily oral hygiene routine.
04:32 – 05:19 – The relationship between dietary habits and oral health.
05:19 – 08:05 – A must-do recommendation for oral health!
08:05 – 09:15 – Common misconceptions about oral health.
09:15 – 11:03 – Detailed advice on professional oral health care.
11:03 – 32:25 – Oral health from basic routines to comprehensive professional care.
32:25 – 34:45 – Dr. Martin’s charity work with musician Lenny Kravitz.
34:45 – 35:49 – Conclusion.

Sandra G. Martin
Instagram: @sandrabigsmile

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