Time-Line Mitopure Supplement

Mitopure®, the nutrient that can re energize cells.

As we age, our cells age. Mitopure® is the first postbiotic nutrient shown to trigger a crucial recycling process within our cells called mitophagy, targeting age-related cellular decline*.

Mitochondria are our cellular powerhouses. The trillions of cells that comprise our body tissues run on the energy created by them.

Healthy cells rely on healthy mitochondria. Their optimal function leads to incredible health benefits, and is particularly essential to heart, kidney, eye, brain, skin and muscle function. Our clinical science to date has focused on muscle health as muscle cells have a very large number of mitochondria and on skin health, as the largest organ in our body.

Our mitochondria are constantly renewed to produce energy and fulfill the vast energy demands of muscle, skin and other tissues. As we get older, mitochondrial renewal declines and dysfunctional mitochondria accumulate in the cells, resulting in significant issues like insufficient energy supply, production of harmful molecules and reduced cellular health.

Time-Line scientists unlocked the power of Urolithin A, a molecule that stimulates this crucial recycling and cleansing process – ultimately protecting cells from age-associated decline.

Mitopure® is a highly pure form of Urolithin A.

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