What is wellbeing? How it evolves your lives?

Ebru Şinik, who has significantly popularized the concept of wellbeing in our country, is an esteemed Ayurvedic Life and Wellbeing Coach. Additionally, she is an instructor and a graduate of the Chopra Center, the institution founded by Dr. Deepak Chopra, one of the foremost pioneers in Holistic Health and Mind-Body Medicine.

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In this Episode of Ayık Kafa

In the video, you will observe how Ebru Şinik, who typically bases her work on analytical and science-based data, embarked on her journey into Ayurvedic health, which is fundamentally rooted in the philosophy of “turning inward.” The program discusses one of the most striking topics today, Epigenetics—the understanding of life beyond genes. It highlights that this concept has actually been applied for 2,500 years by the rooted wisdom of Ayurvedic lifestyle and preventive treatment science. Scientific studies conducted on this subject prove the accuracy of the concept that an Ayurvedic lifestyle can alter genetics within the scope of epigenetics.

00:00-6:15 Introduction
6:15-8:28 The relationship between Ayurveda and epigenetics
8:28-12:32 What is the concept of wellbeing?
12:32-17:15 The importance of sustainability in practiced methods.
17:15-22:32 How to achieve a life with high awareness?
22:32-25:48 The difference between the area of interest and influence
25:48-30:49 Meditative practices and meditation techniques.
30:49-42:03 Dr. Deepak Chopra’s mind-body medicine works.
42:03-45:33 Difference between wellness and wellbeing.
45:33-47:01 Conclusion.

Ebru Şinik:
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Instagram: @ebrusinik

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